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Tips On Delivering An Excellent Video Presentation

An Overview

Nowadays, video ads have more opportunities for conversion into sales. People share video content instead of written content; let’s face it, search engines absolutely love videos. Video presentations are no longer only for straightforward marketing. They are now an excellent addition to public speaking engagements. Irrespective of whether it is in a business meeting or you are a keynote speaker at an industry event, and videos allow you to share your expertise and passion intriguingly so that your message sticks with the audience. In this blog, we at the Bronx will get you acquainted with some ideas that will allow you to deliver an engaging video presentation in the future.

How To Deliver An Excellent Video Presentation

  1. Be Heard And Seen Clearly

In a video presentation, it is not enough to look good. It would be best if you sounded good at all times. Many people will pardon you if your video has bad lighting or a shaky camera; however, they will scroll past you after a few seconds if they struggle to listen to what you are saying. In addition, if nobody is able to hear your message, what is the point of making the video? This is why you should invest in a high-quality hands-free mic that you can clip on your collar.

  1. Cut Down The External Noise

Where you shoot the video significantly impacts how much external noise you will be surrounded by. Look for a quiet, quaint spot without too much ambient noise. Finding a spot indoors is always a good idea because it is controllable. Ensure your windows are shut, and let your coworkers or other residents in your building know that you will be shooting a video.

  1. Right Lighting Is Essential

Even though people are likelier to pardon bad lighting than lousy audio, it does not imply that you should neglect your lighting. In fact, you must take the necessary steps to make sure you, as well as your subject, are adequately lit.

The easiest way to light your video is by using natural light coming through your window. However, you want to avoid the window being right behind you and your subject. This is known as backlighting, and it will lead to your front being poorly lit. Try out the lighting with your objective being a soft light that enables the viewers to see you and your subject easily. 

  1. Height Of Your Camera

Keep your frame a little off-centre and camera height to be dead-centre. Always be careful of the angle. The lens of the camera should either be levelled directly or pointed slightly downwards in the direction of your face. 


Now that you know all the technical tips to deliver a good video presentation, it is time to equip yourself with the essentials. Bronx offers a wide range of audio-visual solutions, such as microphones, cameras, LED displays, etc., to improve your video presentation experience. 

Our 20X VIDEO CONFERENCING CAMERA BR-VC20XH is an absolute life-saver with low-light High SNR of CMOS sensor paired with 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms. The picture will still be clean and clear even under low illuminations condition. So, order yours at Bronx and deliver a truly engaging video presentation.